2020 Packraft Roundup Map


The Payettes have been described as Idaho’s “University of Whitewater”. Dam controlled releases and underground springs keep these rivers flowing all summer with crystal clear water and spectacular river runs for all skill levels.  Packrafters can pretty much put-in and takeout anywhere on the Payettes with portaging an option for all of the major rapids.

Use this Google Earth KMZ file to point the way to 132 miles of paddling nirvana for packraftable river sections on the North, South, and Main Payette rivers. All notable class III rapids are marked. Rapids change over time so watch, scout, and portage as needed.

Key References
American White Water
Paddling Idaho – Greg Stahl
Forest Service Payette Brochure

South Fork Payette River
— Grandjean to Bonneville II – III+ 9 miles
— Bonneville to Warm Springs II – III+ 3 miles
— Warm Springs to Helende II – III+ 10 miles
— Helende to Kirkham III 6 miles
— Kirkham to Mountainview II+ 4 miles
— Mountainview to Deadwood II+ 4.5 miles
— Deadwood to Pine Flats III 3.5 miles
Swirly Canyon II – III- 8.5 miles
Garden Valley I – II 10 miles page 101 Paddling Idaho – Stahl
Staircase IV 5 miles

North Fork Payette River
North Fork Meanders I 6 miles
McCall to Hartsell
McCall Town Run II+ 3 miles
— Sheep to Hartsell I 16 miles
— Cascade to Cabarton I 11 miles page 118 Paddling Idaho – Stahl
Kelly’s White Water Park class II – IV play waves
Cabarton III 9 miles

Payette River
Upper Main III+ 7.5 miles
Lower Main II+ 6 miles
Montour Canoe Float II 10 miles page 127 Paddling Idaho – Stahl

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