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Below is a growing list of resources related to the fight against Oil and Gas Industrialization of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  Send additional links to .



Alaska Conservation Fund – excellent up to date summary of the issues – good aerial footage of the Brooks Range and tundra with interviews of affected Alaskans

Alaska Wilderness League – fact sheets, educator tools, Arctic Refuge animal sheets – open letter to Congress

Audubon Society – fact sheets, talking points, template letter to editor, representative email sender, compelling case for why the Refuge is critical habitat for migratory birds.

EarthJustice – excellent photo essay with links to resources – excellent summary with extended set of quotations from key parties

National Geographic – excellent explanation of what is at stake, oil profits and Alaskans, informative map, compelling photographs. – Interactive video wildlife imagery, one of the most powerful on the web

Native Alaskans

Gwich’in information site regarding the Arctic Refuge from one of the Alaskan tribes strongly opposed to industrialization of the coastal plain.
Video series about Gwich’in:
Part 1:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Inupiaq in Kaktovik –

Natural Resource Defense Council – good examination of the rational for the drilling provision in the tax cut bill

Outside Magazine – link page to Outside articles on the Arctic Refuge – excellent packrafting video regarding the Arctic Refuge

Patagonia – from 2016 but addresses the ongoing issue, good out takes of the opposition and their reasoning

We Are The Arctic 2016 coalition with focus on compelling videography – Video collection

Wilderness Society – to wild to drill project – main site with links to various resources, puts the Arctic Refuge attack in context with other actions by the current administration  – compelling video summary of issues

US Government Action


The Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Act – a bill introduced to reverse drilling


Public Meetings

Seismic Surveys

US Fish and Wildlife Service

2017 Tax Bill

Arctic Refuge Topics


Air Pollution due to Industrialized Oil and Gas development in the Arctic

Op-Ed Articles

Brad Meiklejohn – LATimes –

Tim Lydon – HCN –

Sally Jewel – Seattle Times –

Erik Dumont – The Hill –

Prudhoe Bay – what industrialization of the Coastal Plain looks like

Investors Against Drilling


Inspirational Packrafting Videos from the Arctic Refuge

Marlena Renwyck and Sarah Tingey

Luc Mehl and Sarah Histand

Arctic Refuge Packrafts

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