Safety and Trip Planning

One of APA’s most important goals is to ensure that packrafters, novices and veterans alike, approach the sport with a conservative and respectful attitude, and carry with them appropriate equipment, skills, and knowledge for their selected itinerary. Safe packrafting is critical for protecting our values:

  • Safety: Let’s keep our family, friends, rescuers, and bystanders safe from packrafting accidents.
  • Wildlands: Let’s protect the wild country that we love to explore by reducing the need for costly rescues that damage wildlands resources and values.
  • Access: Let’s minimize our physical and social impacts, and behave responsibly to ensure that packrafting always has a place on public and private lands.

Here are some of the projects and campaigns we are working on to promote safety in the sport of packrafting:

  • Working with regional outfitters to provide affordable swiftwater safety and paddling skills clinics for packrafters around the USA
  • APA sponsored outings to provide education and mentorship
  • An annual Packraft Roundup to build community, mentorship, and education
  • Maintaining a vibrant packrafters forum……to share information
  • Helping to arrange speakers and special events with valuable safety messages

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