Packrafters as Conservationists


The results of the U.S. elections in 2016 were a major wake up call for all who care about our wild planet. The threats to our core values have never been so immediate or explicit. The APA is committed to the coming fight for wild places, wild rivers, and wild critters. We expect intense battles over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Bears Ears National Monument, endangered species, wild and scenic rivers in the years ahead.

Let’s face it: many who enjoy wild places and wild rivers have taken a free ride, leaving the hard work of conservation to others. That free ride is over. It’s time for you to fight for your playground.

Luc Mehl, 2011 Golden Paddle Award winner, has launched a campaign that challenges all of us to be directly involved in conservation. Called “Stickers for Conservation,” you earn beautiful artwork stickers by donating to conservation, by calling political leaders, or by writing op-ed letters to your local paper.

Says Luc: “The Stickers for Conservation project was born out of my recognition that I need to get proactive about conserving and preserving the wild places I love. I’ve been taking advantage of Alaska’s wild lands my whole life, but only now, confronted with the objectives of the new federal administration, am I stepping up my conservation game. I’ve found amazing artists and generous sponsors to cover the cost of printing stickers. Stickers are released in batches of 100, and sent to anyone that makes a claim. Claims are for things like donating to (any) conservation group, writing letters, and calling representatives.”

Launched in December 2016, the campaign has already generated $13,000 in donations to conservation organizations, and prompted hundreds of phone calls and letters to policy leaders. APA is proud to be sponsor of the Stickers for Conservation campaign.

For more about the Stickers for Conservation Campaign, visit Luc’s tremendous website:

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