APA Outings Program

This year, we are excited to launch APA-sponsored outings with focus on visiting special landscapes and communities that are threatened by development, climate change, or other ecological malady. After each trip, we will document what we discover and advocate for protection and action in these places. APA packrafting outings are led by skilled volunteers around the world, and allow APA members to explore amazing landscapes with other stakeholders, writers, filmmakers, policy-makers, and partner organizations. We are incredibly lucky that APA board-member and explorer extraordinaire Forrest McCarthy will be leading the first outing in April 2017 to the San Juan River in Utah’s contested Bear’s Ears National Monument.

Goals of the APA Outings Program:

  1. Raise awareness of conservation issues affecting venues for packrafting, both among the packrafting community and policymakers.
  2. Provide opportunities for training and education related to preservation of river corridors, wilderness areas, and other venues for packrafting.
  3. Provide opportunities for the packrafting community to actively participate in the clean-up, preservation, and study of venues for packrafting.
  4. Foster positive relationships between the packrafting community, land managers, public policy makers, conservation groups, the media, and other stakeholders.
  5. Partner with qualified outfitters and guides to provide paddling safety and skills education during outings.


If you have any outings suggestions, questions, or an interest in volunteering for the program, please email outings@packraft.org. To apply for an outing, click HERE.

APA Outings Program

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