Welcome to the APA! Please join us in our efforts to promote packrafting as a safe and exciting way to enjoy and protect America's wild rivers and wild places. Our code of ethics:

  1. Pack it in, raft it out

  2. Access is not a handout

  3. Caring deeply for wild places, we

  4. Keep an eye on our traces

  5. Respect others and the land

  6. Adventure is our brand

  7. Float safely and responsibly

  8. Tread lightly as far as you can!

Mission: The American Packrafting Association represents the packrafting community to promote conservation, safety, education, and access.

Vision: The American Packrafting Association helps people experience safe, adventurous, and low-impact packrafting trips as a means to enhance our existence, freedom, and connection to the natural world.

American Packrafting Association

PO Box 13

Wilson, WY  83014


info (at) packraft.org